Sunday, October 13, 2013

Protection and healing...

This is a difficult post to write but it DOES need to BE written... my dear daughter just recently broke up with her abusive boyfriend of 3 years.  She and I decided to perform a cleansing ritual at her apartment because she "felt" his energy was still in residence.

I put these together using herbs we grow around our home.

Because she needs time to heal and a time of reflection to decide upon the new course her life will be taking, we decided to use these fresh herbal elements to achieve the following...

Sage & Cedar for...

Purification, protection and banishment of bad dreams

Rosemary & Desert Sage for ...

Healing, clarification, to drive out negative influences

Salt to ...

Seal her home against negative energies

and a Meditation Chime 

to signal clarity & focus of intention.

Looking out over the back boundary of our land.


No gods of any religion of any sort whatsoever were invoked or harmed during this cleansing ritual!

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